How do I figure out what I want to do?

The good news is you have nearly unlimited potential. you can narrow down some career choices with the following techniques:

  • Talk to people in occupations you are thinking about. If possible, observe them working.
  • Look at books and videos available at your library or SC Works Centers.
  • Explore your interests and talents by taking a computerized assessment. SCOIS is available at your local SC Works Centers. You will receive a list of jobs to search after these assessments.
  • Try out different career fields by volunteering or getting a part time job.
  • Get information on My Next Move,  My Skills My Future and Career OneStop via the internet.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Program for Youth

The WIOA Youth Program is a comprehensive program designed to help youth reach their career goals. Activities are offered throughout the year.

Find out who is eligible and act fast- A limited number of youth can be given jobs and receive scholarships. For more information, visit your local SC Works Center.


Youth Counselors



County - Name



Beaufort & Jasper Counties - Tiffany Harrison


Colleton County - Mary Carter


Hampton County - Shelia Bovain





Benefits for youth Tutoring/help with school

One of the goals of the WIOA program is to help those enrolled in WIOA to graduate high school. The following are a part of the WIOA program

  • Basic skills testing to help you determine your strengths.
  • A subscription to a powerful on-line basic skills tutorial.
  • Workshops on how to take tests and how to organize your school work.
  • In some counties homework centers or tutoring is available.

GED and other Educational Assistance

WIOA may pay fees for youth enrolled in WIOA programs to return to school and take the GED exam.


Youth enrolled in the WIOA program may qualify for scholarships that can be combined with financial aid and other programs to fund training after high school. To apply WIOA enrolled youth must complete a scholarship application, take an occupational assessment, attend a workshop and complete financial aid forms.

Scholarships can be used for programs on the SC WIOA training providers list. Decisions regarding scholarships are made on an individual basis considering an applicant's ability to complete training and get a job. If you are accepted for a scholarship, WIOA can help pay for gas, childcare, books and required supplies.

South Carolina Eligible Provider List


Summer Jobs To be placed in a WIOA summer job, you must participate in activities in your career plan. That could include attending workshops, participating in tutoring and going on field trips.

Part-time jobs during school year Part-time work experience jobs are possible during the school year.

Placement assistance for real jobs after completion of school If you have done your part in reaching your goals, WIOA will help place you with an employer.

Other youth services

  • Mentoring
  • Field trips to colleges and businesses
  • Cultural field trips
  • Chances to volunteer
  • Workshops to help you succeed in life
  • Help completing financial aid applications

How can I continue school?

Hot tip: If you are in high school, consider programs offered by the career center or vocational school. It is cheaper to take some courses such as cosmetology in high school than to start them after you graduate.

Lowcountry Colleges and Universities

Technical College of the Lowcountry
University of South Carolina Beaufort
University of South Carolina Salkehatchie

Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University

Websites of SC schools.

Area training programs

The following schools have submitted information on training programs that has been included in the SC WIOA Eligible Training Providers List. Not all program offered by the schools are on the list. Scholarships are determined on an individual basis. To get more information on training click here.

Financial aid information

Scholarships and financial aid programs can help you reach your goals. Not all types of scholarships are available at every school. Contact the school of your choice for more information. Below are some common sources of assistance. Click for more info.

  • Needs Based Assistance (federal and state, includes Pell Grant.)
  • Federal and state financial aid such as the Pell Grant are awarded based on need as determined by family income reported on income tax documents and other records. The application for the Pell Grant and related types of aid is on the Internet. There is no fee to apply. Click here to start.

     Lottery scholarships do not consider your high school academic record. Scholarships are offered through SC two-year colleges for students taking at least 6 credit hours a semester who are in a degree program. Students have to complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) financial aid application and must not owe money for student loans.

  • Lottery Scholarships
  • For more information on scholarships, read about Scholarships, Grants and Career OneStop Financial Aid.

  • State Academic Scholarships (Palmetto, Life, Hope)

  • Hope Scholarship, Life Scholarship and Palmetto Fellows are scholarships for South Carolina residents that meet academic requirements. For more information contact the two or four year college of your choice or the SC Commission on Higher Education.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Scholarships

Scholarships are available to individuals participating in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act programs who:

  • Need training or retraining to get a job
  • Have the ability to complete training and work in a selected field
  • Choose a training program on the eligible training providers list that provides training for an in-demand occupation.

To receive a scholarship, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act participants must meet eligibility requirements, attend a workshop, take an occupational interest assessment and complete a scholarship application. 

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Youth Program

If you are willing to leave home to invest in your career, Job Corp may be for you.

License to drive Make a plan to get driving.

Getting your drivers license may be your first step in getting independence. In South Carolina, youth under the age of 17 must show proof that they are in school and attending regularly.

Beginners Permit Requirements
Drivers License Requirements
SC Drivers Manual on-line (in English and Spanish)

Links for youth

College Board - prepare for SAT
Selective Service
Career Decision Making
College Planning
AmeriCorps - earn tuition money while volunteering in U.S.

Child Labor Regulations Summary

Child labor rules and safety tips.

The WIOA Program is an equal opportunity program, auxiliary aides and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. TTY Relay Service dial 711.

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